How often should I clean my hot tub?

hot tub cleaning water test

Wondering how often you should clean your hot tub to ensure it remains safe and relaxing? You’ve come to the right place for all the answers! There are different recommended cleaning frequencies based on which part of the tub it is. We’ll look at each individually below. Table of Contents The Importance of Regular Cleaning…

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Bath Tub Refinishing: The Answers You’re Looking For

bathtub refinishing

We’ve put together a list of the most common bath tub refinishing questions and answers. Hope it helps! Q: What is the Lifespan of the New Finish? A: With appropriate care and cleaning, a refinished bathtub can last between 15 to 25 years, offering durability and longevity similar to a new tub. Q: When Can…

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What are the ongoing costs of owning a hot tub?

hot tub costs

Welcome to our guide on the ongoing costs of owning a hot tub. Whether you’re a seasoned spa enthusiast or considering your first purchase, understanding these costs is essential. In this article, we’ll explore various expenses that come with hot tub ownership, drawing on a range of experiences to give you a clear picture. Table…

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How Do I Choose the Right Hot Tub Model?

hot tub model in nature

Welcome to, your ultimate destination for everything hot tubs! As a long-time hot tub enthusiast and an expert in spa relaxation, I’m here to guide you through the process of choosing the perfect hot tub that not only meets your needs but also transforms your home into a haven of serenity. Understanding Hot Tub…

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What is the best size for a hot tub?

hot tub sizes

When it comes to hot tubs, size matters. But what is the best size for a hot tub? The answer will vary for each person’s situation but below are some things to consider to determine the best size for your needs. Evaluating Your Space First and foremost, measure your available space. Whether it’s a cozy…

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How Much does a Quality Hot Tub Cost?

hot tub cost

When considering adding a hot tub to your home, the first question that often comes to mind is, “What does a hot tub cost?” The answer isn’t as straightforward as a single price tag. The cost of a hot tub varies widely based on several factors, including size, features, brand, and ongoing maintenance expenses. Initial…

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What are the health benefits of using a hot tub?

hot tub health benefits

Ever wondered, “What are the health benefits of using a hot tub?” Well, it turns out, these cozy, Tub n Spas are more than just a spot to unwind. They’re a powerhouse of health benefits. Soothe Your Aches Away First off, hot tubs are fantastic for easing those nagging aches and pains. Whether it’s sore…

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